Monday, April 20, 2015

I Run Lacombe

Feeling the dirt under my feet and the cool breeze on my face was just what I needed. While I am so happy to be back running, I have been so uninspired by my running routes. They have been 98% on pavement where my views have been houses and a cacophony of vehicles. 

I haven't felt a connection with nature for a long time. So I jumped at the invitation to run with Diane along the trails in Lacombe. A couple years ago I ran a half-marathon on the trails but I haven't been back. 

As you can see it was a glorious spring day. We met at 9 a.m. at the college parking lot. I was early as usual so I took the extra minutes to warm up with lunges and squats. (Clearly I do not do enough all week at Crossfit.) 

Diane is a member of the Lacombe Running Club and one of the keepers of the trails. I couldn't ask for a better tour guide. She explained the history along the trail and pointed out landmarks. (Maybe I should have tipped her at the end of the run.)

Look at that view! This was just what I needed. My body responded well to the hills and the trails. We ran a moderate pace which kept the "ow" factor low. Lacombe is only 20-25 minutes north of Red Deer. I need to run here more often. 

I assured Diane that I do not always take so many pictures when I run. But I couldn't resist documenting along the way. Diane was on the look out for flowers and she found some on the way. (Don't ask me what they were. No clue!)

I am the queen of the trail! This bench was oddly at a random spot on the trails. One could sit for hours and contemplate life while staring out at the lake. You could see for miles in each direction. 

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the late Bill Nielsen. An avid runner, Nielsen built the beautiful trail system in Lacombe. I didn't know Nielsen but I did meet him at a few races as runners do. Proceeds from Bill's Trail Run in October go to efforts to upkeep the trails. The city wants to pave a lot of the trails which I think is a damn shame. 

In all we ran a nice 16K. I didn't push it too much which is just as well. It was my first "long" trail run of the year. (I am not counting Riverbend as a trail run.) Every few minutes, I would proclaim how lovely it was to be in such beauty. I felt so refreshed and rejuvenated. 

I have a little over a month before Blackfoot. Injuries aside, I am super excited to race! It may "only" be the 25K but it's going to be awesome!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A few words about running

All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey. I was out for a run on springish day. 

Seriously I had that Mama and Papa's song playing on repeat in my head while I was out running. I'm thrilled that the snow is gone but it's pretty drab outside. You have to bring your own sunshine. Thankfully I have lots of it because I am just so darn happy to be running again. These pictures were taken at the Perimeter Trail at Riverbend this past weekend. 
Today I uploaded my data to Garmin Connect on my MacBook Pro. I have been putting off uploading the data because there isn't much there. I cringed when I looked at the drop in training mileage over a few weeks.  I have finally jumped on the tracking bandwagon. I actually love looking at my stats online. It's connected to my iPhone too but the App needs a few tweaks. It tracks your distance but there's no calendar. (Slightly annoying.)

Since I started hitting the trail again, I haven't looked at my training schedule. I think it would freak me out and I would feel so unprepared for Blackfoot. Right now I am going to try and not think about the race. I have more than a month left to train. It's all good. My focus will be on staying healthy and easing my way back into the run of things. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Running On Demand

I could barely catch my breath during Saturday's crossfit WOD. As you know, I just started easing myself back into running this week. I wasn't expecting to see 400m repeats on the whiteboard. The weather has been nice lately so I shouldn't have been that surprised. (At least rowing didn't make the cut!)

Saturday WODs usually involve a partner or team WOD. This time Partner A would run 400m while Partner B did some bar work (see below). Once Partner A was finished the 400m, we would switch. It was a 26-minute AMRAP. Once we finished the list, we would start at the top again. 

Kayle from the 6 a.m. class was my partner. At the 12-minute mark, I thought, "oh my gosh, we still have 14 minutes to go!" This WOD was definitely a lung buster. We finished strong, sweaty and happy! (My shoulders felt the brunt of the WOD on Sunday.)

My week involved daily rolling. I can't tell you have much pain/joy my lacrosse ball gives me. I don't think I would be running without it. You'd think I wouldn't want to run after crossfit. But I was determined to get outside and hit the trail.

Later Saturday and Sunday I went to the perimeter trail near the golf course. Short and swee it's the only "real" dirt trail in Red Deer. I train a lot here. My body quite enjoyed the dirt and did not miss the pavement one bit. Surprisingly my legs were okay with running a fastish pace on Saturday and slower on Sunday. 

It will take some time before I am back to 100 per cent. I am just happy to be back training.