Friday, September 19, 2014

Tree hugging & Back to Basics

I'm hitting a big reset on my mind, body and soul. Lately I've been feeling that I have to make some small changes and get back to basic healthy living. I am not feeling as wonderful as I know I should. I'm getting stressed by life and letting it colour my world.

I've also been inspired by Lindsey who is the middle of a 21-day fall reset eating challenge. Sometimes it's just makes sense to take a deep breath, stop and hug a tree. 

I am not really doing a food or exercise. My plan is to simply listen to my body and do what feels right. I'm talking about my runs, WODS and what I put into my body. I am trying to find that perfect balance that does not leave me feeling frazzled and stressed.

I absolutely love read wine and I drink way too much of it. But I thought if I really want to give my body the love it deserves, I have to make changes. Last week I was at the pub with friends and I had one too many pints. I felt horrible the next day. It's so silly. I work so hard to stay in shape yet I throw it away by over indulging. So it is out with the booze. 

I have been swimming a lot in the last couple of weeks. Renee came out with me last night to swim laps. (My chubby toes are on the right). I am going to keep up swimming this winter. Yvonne mentioned a triathlon in Nelson that she loves. I am considering giving it a try next year. But I really must work on my swimming. I'd like to take stroke lessons but the offered times never seem to work with my schedule. Cross your fingers that it works for me this time! 

I have big running plans this weekend – Canmore on Saturday and Kananaskis on Sunday. I lucked out for a change. I usually have to beg people to go to the mountains or trails with me. Like I said earlier this week, it's been a rough one. (They always are after a holiday). 

I plan to hug a lot of trees.

What are your plans for the weekend? Have you ever hit "reset" on your body/mind? 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Post-vacay blues & getting back into routine

Stop me if you have heard this one before ... there are not enough hours in the day. I don't know if it's because I just had a week off but I feel completely frazzled this week. I'm talking distraction with a capital D. 

At work I have found myself taking hours to write a simple sentence. Most of the time I am pretty focused because I want to meet my deadlines. But so far this week I have been one hot crazy distracted mess. I'm calling it the post-vacation blues.

Anyway I made my big return to crossfit this morning. I hate missing classes because it costs so much and I always feel like I am messing up my progress. The box has been following the main crossfit site for WODS this month. If I were more prepared I would have checked the site. (Then maybe I would have skipped.)

Our WOD consisted of rope climbs and front squats. I have never been able to do a rope climb and my legs are tired. I knew this would not be a fun WOD but as they say you must work on your weaknesses. I didn't go anywhere near the prescribed 135 lb front squat and I modified the rope climb. I need to ease my body back into the routine. I will go twice more this week. I'll also check out the mobility class. It's been awhile since I have worked on my stuff.

I felt great though all day. (Other than being distracted at work). I couldn't wait to run. It was gorgeous out. I ran 1.5 hours directly after work at the Riverbend trails. I had planned for 2 hours but my right ankle was starting to moan. I didn't want to aggravate the injury too much so I called it a day. 

I met this beauty on the trail. She even posed for a picture. Ha. Anyway it's been tough getting back into the routine. I have stayed up way too late and my place is a complete mess. 

I need to give my head a shake!

Monday, September 15, 2014

2,330 kilometres

Right so where was I? I headed north to Grande Prairie. I know it may seem like a weird destination to some people. Just six or so years ago, I landed in Grande Prairie from Ottawa. I had finally found a newspaper job after being away from the business in Asia for four years. 

I wanted to work and any place would do. It was funny because I had travelled quite a lot but I had never been to Alberta. Now it's 2014 and I am on my second newspaper job in this province.

I made a lot of great friends in Grande Prairie and area. It was also the place where I started running. The running community in this northern community is awesome! I used to write a widely popular biweekly newspaper column Running with Rhyno. I am sure you can find some of my old columns online somewhere. I stopped by the old office to visit with my old city editor and other ex-coworkers. There weren't many of them left.
I haven't been up north in years so I thought what the heck. What else am I going to do? It is a 6.5 hour drive so it is not that fun. The night before I had drinks with Steve and Josh. I vowed during that long drive never to drink again. Seriously no more booze. (Not that I drink A LOT but I think it's time to curb the nonsense.) My back up plan was to slip into town, visit a few friends and run. 

Right away I hooked up with some friends for a short run/walk. We visited some of my old running haunts like Muskoseepi Park and other trails. It was great seeing old faces and places. I didn't get to see as many people as I would have liked because the trip was unplanned. Next time. 

I had planned to hike in Grande Cache with Laverna and crew but the weather was crap on the day I wanted to go. (Of course!) Robert begged me to run in the Wolves x-country race at the Nordic ski trails. I love running there so I signed up. (Deep down I was freaked out about running a short & speedy 8K trail race with a bunch of college kids.)

But I surprised a few friends who were out for the race including the lovely & speedy Tammy! She secured a second-place bib in her 5K race. Tammy used to be part of my 13 Miles & Higher running group in the city. We ran a lot of Sunday mornings together. It was great to catch up! 

Remember it was exactly a week ago that I did Lost Soul. I wasn't sure how my body would respond. Gosh this 8K was a real lung buster! I am not used to short and speedy. This was a great challenge for me. The baby ski hills nearly killed me. Thank goodness I was running alone for most of the race. My breathing would have thrown the other runners off! It was a small race and I managed to squeak out first place in open women and second overall woman. It was fun but for now I will stick to the longer distances! 

I spent time with Sara hanging out and chatting. We went to the Eastlink Centre for an epic Saturday night workout session. Love that place. I convinced Sara to try a Crossfit-like WOD before we swam laps in the pool. 

I had a great visit but now it's back to reality. I am a little tired from all that driving – 2,330 kilometres. But it was nice to get away from the usual hum drum of work and life.