Saturday, October 18, 2014

Running & hiking in Lake Louise

I am so HAPPY to be on holidays! I had planned to go away BUT I recently spent a lot of money on new camera gear. Those spontaneous purchases ruined any chance of a two-week holiday in a land that is not Alberta. 

I am going to make the best of my holidays – in the mountains. I didn't spend much time this summer so I am going to make up for lost time. I am going to run and hike as much as I can.

I started day one with a trip to Lake Louise. Here are some pictures that I took over the course of my 18K run/hike. 



Stay tuned for more pictures over the next two weeks!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Scenes from my iPhone

Own a mobile phone? Take a lot of pictures? If you're like me, you are armed and ready to shoot in a moment's notice. Part of it is for my job but mostly because something has caught my fancy and I want to document it. I love taking pictures with my iPhone. Sometimes it annoys the people I am with but they get over it soon enough. 

It's challenging to put it down and pick up my real camera. I wanted to share with you some pictures that I have snapped over the last couple of weeks. 

Outside City Hall in Red Deer 

Pond in one of Red Deer's park spaces 

A view of the mountains in Canmore

My feet on top of the Ha Ling Peak 

Trees captured the sunsetting in my neighbourhood

Coffee that I drank before climbing a mountain 

How many pictures do you take a day? What do you like to snap? Are your friends annoyed because you are constantly snapping away? 

Happy Friday to you! I hope you have a fabulous and active weekend.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Jason: I am a Runner

Happy Thursday! I hope you are having a great week. My body has recovered from last weekend's 50K and I am looking forward to being in the mountains again next weekend.

It's that time again where I feature another runner. This week I am heading to British Columbia to shine the spotlight on Jason from Burnaby.


Name: Jason Kurylo Age: 43
City: Burnaby Profession: English teacher
Runner Since: 2013

1. Why did you start running? What pushes you to keep going? I started running a year ago in preparation to break the Guinness World Record for longest table hockey marathon. (The attempt involved 33 consecutive hours of standing, and running provided some good trunk and core training.) Not only did we succeed in setting the world record in September — grumble How long does it take to update your website, Guinness? /grumble — but I found that I’m definitely goal-oriented when it comes to fitness. I completed my first half in the spring, and have two more lined up; look for my first full marathon in the spring.

2. How do you deal with injury? I suffered a grade three ankle sprain a few months ago, and wound up taking a full ten weeks off. I went at my physiotherapy as hard as I could, but really made an effort to listen to my body. If something is sore, it’s sore for a reason — I’ll take down the intensity a few notches. If something is outright painful, I plant my butt on the couch, gobble whatever meds the docs see fit to give me, and engage in as much RICE as I can handle. I’m not a pro athlete, and I’m not 22 years old. There’s no reason to power through things and potentially hurt myself even more severely. 3. What is your favourite distance to run? Why?
I feel best doing around 15km. Ten feels incomplete somehow, but the final quarter of a half is still a bit of a struggle. Luckily I don’t give a whit about finishing times.

4. Best running memory? Tell us about it.
For the past two years, I have been fortunate to have an invitation to take part in the Vancouver Whitecaps media invitational soccer match. Last year, I was sucking wind during warmups and felt exhausted for days afterwards. Sure, I’ve still got a bit of a belly this year, but I was able to keep the legs moving for the entire afternoon, and fitness was not a problem in the least. I even went for an evening run that night. So I suppose my biggest running memory isn’t about running at all — it’s about what it has made possible in the rest of my life.

5. Do you run solo or with a group?
Definitely solo. As I said, I listen to my body. When it tells me to walk for a little while, I do. When I want to take a picture, I do. There’s no joy in that when you’re ruining your partner(s) splits.
6. What is your dream race? Tell us about it. Definitely the Inca Trail Marathon. I’ve been somewhat obsessed with visiting Machu Picchu since I was in high school. I had planned, in fact, to do the Inca Trail as a 40th birthday present to myself a few years ago, but my wife and I went and had a baby girl that year. (Not a bad trade off, if you ask me.) Now that running has taken over so many of my short-term goals, it makes sense to combine that with the Peru thing.

7. Do you have any current running goals? I pledged to do 1,000 km in training during this calendar year, and will probably up that to 1,000 miles in 2015. These aren’t huge distances for a lot of people, but remember, I only started to run last year. I’m eyeing up the possibility of doing a marathon in every province, but we’ll see how my first full goes in the spring before I get ahead of myself.

8. What has running taught you? Besides the fact that I’m more goal-oriented than process-oriented? Running has reintroduced me to the idea that it is far more effective to adhere to a miniscule change every day than it is to attempt a massive shift in the short term. It’s not as grandiose, nor does it impress the small-minded, but it yields results that matter. 9. Advice for new runners? Start small. Walk as much as you like. Run as slowly as you want. Do whatever you need to do to make running fun. A smile on your face is much more important than your time, your distance, your shoes or your weight — flip the finger at anyone who suggests otherwise. 10. Is there anything I didn’t ask you that you would like to share?


Connect with Jason:

Read previous profiles here. Last week Igor from Brazil was featured. Let me know if you're interested in being featured next.
Happy trails!